Friday, May 15, 2009

Head for the Hills

The days are getting longer, birdsong growing more plentiful, neon green leaves unfurling over the trails.  Snow is growing rare even on higher elevation pathways.

Spring is here, and we're training, people!  With Mount Washington just over a month away, and the Mount Cranmore race not long after, many Milers are out there seeking the steeps.  Some folks (including our Dear Leader, Paul Tse Tung) are doing Auto Road training runs, some hitting trails closer to home, and some are tilting the treadmills to ridiculous angles.

Yesterday I scurried forth under threatening skies.  I headed straight up the front of Cranmore, which incidentally is a terrible way to warm up...  Then gasped over the top and headed toward Black Cap.  

I pivoted left onto the Red Tail Trail, enjoying sweeping views and really fun downhill singletrack.  Late in the year the clear-cuts are full of blackberries... and bears.  Don't trip on the blood-stained mountain bike tires.

Veering back east, I leaned into the Hurricane Mountain Road hill, my first time on it actually.  Disappointingly, not a single Maine-bound car passed to give me a ride.  Finally I tagged the summit of Black Cap and raced the raindrops down the Cranmore Race course downhill.

I'm not sure of the exact mileage, but I highly recommend this circuit for it's variety of ups, downs and footing as well as great views.  What else are people doing to prepare for Mount Washington, Cranmore, and/or other tough races?  


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