Friday, May 23, 2008

Online Coaching

Hello my fellow milers. From the avid health walker to the aspiring marathoner, we all pick our feet up in succession for our own reasons. For myself, and my better half Jen Campbell, running is as much a part of us as any other optional (arguably) part of our lives. From different theories on training, to the importance of form in the longevity of a runner career or even the transcendence of a well placed trail run during a busy daily schedule we love to talk about it.

With that being said, there is one saying that comes to mind "THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO SKIN A CAT" and while that platitude seems a little out of place after the first paragraph it does have a point when you refer to the title of the Blog.

So, Jen Campbell and I are offering our services in the capacity of online coaching. We have open minds and want to work with people of all abilities. There is no such thing as too modest of a goal. From walking to running, please contact us, and we will do our best to cater a personalized week by week (and day by day) running plan.

We have both gone through the USATF level 1 course and competed at the collegiate level. We compete under New Balance Boston and can be reached at and

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