Monday, February 11, 2008

Upcoming Club Meetings

The Exec committe just had a recent meeting and we decided rather than have two winter club meetings, we would like to have the regular April meeting and then another one right before or right after the Half Marathon. It seemed to make more sense.

Annual Club Meeting - Monday April 28th, 6 PM
The annual club meeting will be on Monday April 28th at the meeting room next to Flatbread's at Eastern Slope Inn. Start Time of 6:00 PM.

Alternative Scholarship for Adult Continuing Ed Meeting & Miler Coaching Opportunities- Monday March 3rd, 6 PM
There is also going to be a special meeting coming up on Monday March 3rd at the meeting room next to Flatbread;s at eastern Slope Inn. This meeting will be to discuss two issues:

Item One: Having a second Milers scholarship for adult continuing-ed scholarships.
This was discussed briefly last year on the Yahoo Newsgroup and also at our Annual Meeting. At the annual meeting the Exec Committee was asked to hold a separate meeting to discuss our options about this adult continuing ed scholarship. This is that meeting.

At this meeting we will be looking from input from you, the club members about the following:
  • Whether we should take on another scholarship fund
  • If yes to 1, how we will fund it and what the rules of application and voting on scholarship awards will be
  • If yes to 1, be looking for a member or members who will head this up and bring a proposal to the General Meeting in April to be voted on.
Even if you would not want to head up a second scholarship fund but you have thoughts on whether we should or should not take this task on as a club, pros, cons etc., please attend this meeting.

Item Two: Funding of coaching certification class for Milers Jen Campbell and Brendan Dagan
Brendan and Jen have submitted a proposal to the Milers to have the club pay for them to both attend USATF Level 1 Coaching Class. In return they would commit to being available at 90% of Thursday Club Track Workouts for coaching for Year 2008 and also be available for Email coaching and advice thru March of 2009. At this meeting we will vote on the funding of this certification, which costs approoximately $600 total for both of them.


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